Alcohol & Other Drugs

Today, everyone is exposed to the temptation to try drugs. Most people experiment for curiosity, for kicks, because of peer pressure, or to escape emotional problems. Drugs change the way we act, think, and feel. Some drugs cause depression; some make users feel invincible and can make them believe that nothing can bring them down; some drugs make users feel they can do anything. These are false and unpredictable feelings.

Some of the dangers of experimenting with drugs are:

  • Overdose
  • Physical illness
  • Accidents
  • Death or disease through use of impure or unknown drugs
  • Addiction
  • Trouble with the law

While physical addiction usually happens over a period of time, users sometimes experience a psychological dependence very quickly. What this means is that they like how the drug makes them feel and want to experience that again right away and start taking the drug more often and in higher amounts.

Life-threatening dangers exist not only when drugs are taken in excess, but also when they are taken for a long period of time or in the wrong combination. Effects also depend on how long a drug is taken, the user’s body size and attitude, family history, genetics and where the drug is taken. Drugs are very unpredictable and their effects on the body vary from person to person. Sometimes even the first use of a drug can cause long-lasting or even permanent consequences.