From 1985, when ASAP began as a grass-roots community coalition until 1999, ASAP activities functioned thanks to local community and business support. They were able to achieve fund-raising goals for general support of community activities as well as specific projects, such as the St. James Street House, the only adolescent halfway house in Western South Dakota, for which the coalition raised $100,000 in in-kind donations from the community.

In 1999, ASAP received the first of its Drug Free Communities Grants, which ended in 2005. ASAP applied again and received an additional five-year, which ended September 30, 2010. ASAP is no longer eligible to apply for this grant, as communities are limited to only two 5-year grant terms. With the DFC Grants, ASAP was able to support and expand many of its programs and events, including Rapid City’s Red Ribbon Celebration, Youth 2 Youth Conferences, SAVE Youth Conference, SAVE Conference for adults and professionals, town hall meetings, media campaigns and more. During this time, ASAP was able to continue reductions in overall adolescent use and abuse of various substances. See our Get the Stats page for specifics.

ASAP was then awarded a Sober Truth grant under the STOP Act grant program. This grant provided $50,000 per year specifically targeting the problem of underage drinking. This grant ended on September 30, 2012.

After a rigorous process, ASAP was awarded SPF-SIG (Strategic Prevention Framework - State Incentive Grant) funds from a grant the state of South Dakota received from the federal government. When the SPF-SIG grant ended, ASAP began receiving federal Block Grant funds from the State of SD. These grants have enabled ASAP to target the problem of binge drinking among 18-25 year olds. ASAP currently implements the Challenging College Alcohol Abuse and Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol programs under the federal Block Grant. Diminishing funds for prevention have led to a 50% reduction in prevention spending for ASAP over the past few years.

ASAP will also continue its ongoing efforts to reduce substance abuse among younger populations and address other problem behaviors besides alcohol. To do so, ASAP will need community support. ASAP is currently looking to local businesses and foundations to obtain the support it needs to sustain the programs that have grown so successful under the federal funding it has received for nearly 20 years. Without significant support, many of these programs will need to be scaled back or even eliminated. Please consider donating to our cause to help sponsor these programs that help us guide more youth every year to making positive choices related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.