In 2010, ASAP was awarded Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive (SPF-SIG) Grant funding from the State of South Dakota Prevention Department along with other prevention coalitions across the state. With these funds ASAP’s focus was to target the problem of binge drinking among 18-25 years old students on local higher education campuses. ASAP was able to secure office space and hire a full -time director to manage and oversee business and projects.

ASAP utilized the Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA) which is an Evidence Based Program to provide and support substance abuse prevention on the campuses. For more info on CCAA please visit About CCAA Page.

In addition, ASAP utilized the Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) as a community Evidence Based Program to also target the problem of binge drinking. For more info on CMCA please go to About CMCA Page.

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