Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA)

CMCA is a community organizing effort, originally designed to change policies and practices of major community institutions in ways that reduce access to alcohol by teenagers, thereby reducing teen drinking and the health and social problems associated with underage drinking. ASAP is currently using SPF-SIG funding to implement the CMCA program to impact the problem of binge drinking among 18-25 year olds.

At a Town Hall Meeting to address underage drinking in April 2012, community members discussed changing access to alcohol through several policy-related options:

  • Access to alcohol and alcohol sponsorships at public events
  • Increasing alcohol taxes to reduce problem drinking and raise money for prevention and treatment
  • Social host liability
  • Responsible beverage service training
  • Happy Hour restrictions

Based on the interest of those in attendance, ASAP has decided that the first policy issue to address will be the alcohol tax or "user fee." A follow-up Town Hall meeting on this issue was held on September 7, 2012, followed by a detailed training on the topic on October 25, 2012. While ASAP's interest in this topic continues, we are not continuing to take the lead on this issue. ASAP is aware of at least two other entities who are pursuing some type of alcohol taxatation legislation. If you would like to know more about those efforts, be put in contact with those individuals, or assist with their efforts, please contact ASAP and we will pass along your request.