ASAP relies on community support and volunteers. Several of our annual activities couldn’t happen without the countless hours of help from community members. In fact, we have had as many as 1,400 volunteers during the Red Ribbon Campaign. If you are committed to improving your community for Rapid City area youth, consider volunteering for ASAP There are many opportunities to volunteer anywhere from a few hours a year to a few hours a month.

Here are some of the ways volunteers help support ASAP’s mission:

  • Attend ASAP Coalition meetings to help with planning events and activities
  • Serve on the Board to guide the organization, help raise funds and make executive and budget decisions
  • Support Red Ribbon activities and assist with events, such as the Red Ribbon Parade & Luncheon, tying of Red Ribbon on the dinosaur, and more
  • Judging of various events during Red Ribbon Week, selecting winners in various categories during the parade, billboard contest winners, school decoration contest winners, “Spirit of Red Ribbon” contest winners, etc.
  • Chaperone and assist with youth events including the annual SADD Conference and other events
  • Provide youth or adult workshops at ASAP sponsored conferences

If you have an idea of something else you’d like to do to or an activity you’d like to organize for youth in Rapid City, we are glad to use whatever skills you have to bring to the table for our mission to help youth grow up drug free.

Please contact us if you would like more information on ASAP and volunteering.