What can I do if I suspect my child is using alcohol or other drugs?

Trust your instincts. You know your son/daughter best. If you think something is going on, you’re probably right. Don’t ignore the problem. Take action. Talk to your child about your concerns. (Visit http://timetoact.drugfree.org for suggestions.) Find local resources for help, and get your child the help he/she needs.


  • Call your school counselor (www.rcas.org)
  • Call 211 to find local resources
  • Connect with the Advisor in your school with Lifeways, Inc. (605) 716-6555
  • Parent resources and classes - Contact Lifeways for more information (605) 716-6555
  • Library of prevention and parenting materials - Youth & Family Services Prevention Resource Center (605) 342-1593
  • Parenting section of the Rapid City Public Library - Many materials have been placed in the library by ASAP

For more local resources, visit our Resources page