Former SD teen leader brings Y2Y to Chicago

By Lucas Shriner, Moody Bible Institute, © 2010
CHICAGO - Steven Pokorski, a 19-year-old student from Hot Springs, has caused a stir on the Moody Bible Institute campus, as he brought the idea of an anti-drug program with him to the city of Chicago.

Steven attended high school in Hot Springs where he helped start a small anti-drug program called Youth to Youth, prior to his graduation in 2009. He become a leader of the program in his junior year and attended three international conferences in Ohio 2007, California 2008, and Rhode Island 2009. He has been trained in many areas of youth drug prevention and program planning.

In the months to come Pokorski will meet with key staff of the Institute and Chicago Public Schools to present the program. Pokorski has the support of many United States senators, teachers, drug prevention workers, and military drug prevention personnel. With the help of key leaders and help from his former peers and colleagues, he plans to see the program jump start in the 2010/2011 school year.

Youth to Youth is a youth-led, adult-guided program that has spread throughout the United States and many foreign countries since the start of the head program in Columbus, Ohio in 1982. The program focuses on giving youth the skills to stand up against peer pressure and education on living healthy drug free lives.

Pokorski says he wants to see the light of the program shine in the city, “the program changed my life, without it I can’t say that I would be here today. The program empowers teens to make correct healthy choices for the future, and builds lasting relationships with positive people. I want to bring the light of this program to the youth of this city to promote an anti-drug movement that is pivotal to our upcoming generation.”