SAVE Conference

Each year in Rapid City, ASAP and the prevention community organizes a spring SAVE Youth Conference. The first SAVE Youth Conference was held in 1996. Students are brought in to discuss how to solve problems at their respective schools. Initially, only Rapid City Schools participated in the Conference, but in recent years the Conference has been expanded to include other schools in the area.

During the Conference, youth usually hear from community leaders and/or national speakers about prevention issues and leadership skills. Every year during the Conference, youth meet with their school groups to discuss what they see as the main concerns in their specific school, and begin to make plans to address these issues. Whenever possible, the youth are connected with school staff and administrators to ensure the students have support to implement the needed changes to address problems they identify. Often, the Conference has also included a reporting out period after they have identified their issues and developed their plans. In this way, the youth are able to share with and learn from each other as well.

Unfortunately, due to a decrease in ASAP's funding, Rapid City discontinued this annual spring conference beginning with the 2011-12 school year.